ACSO Poultry Rearing Development Project

An ACSO Poultry Rearing Development Project aims to improve the production and profitability of poultry farming by implementing best practices and modern techniques. The project can be implemented in both small-scale and large-scale farms, and its goal is to increase the yield of poultry products such as meat and eggs.

A key objective of a Poultry Rearing Development Project is for economic empowerment. By promoting entrepreneurship and small business development, the project can create employment opportunities and help to reduce poverty in the local community.

Through training and capacity-building initiatives, the project will equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to run successful poultry businesses. This can include training on financial management, record-keeping, and marketing.

Additionally, the project can support the establishment of poultry cooperatives, which can provide small-scale farmers with access to shared resources and markets. By working together, farmers (beneficiaries) can benefit from economies of scale and increase their bargaining power with suppliers and buyers.

Overall, by promoting economic empowerment through a Poultry Rearing Development Project, the local community can experience increased economic stability and improved living standards.

This year 2023, ACSO began a Poultry rearing development project and has issued 20 improved kienyeji chickens to ACSO beneficiaries.  This number is intended to increase to 100 chickens.

Finally, the project will conduct regular evaluations to measure its progress and identify areas that require improvement. By doing so, the project can make adjustments to ensure its long-term sustainability and profitability.