Health and Nutrition

Malnutrition statistics among children in Kenya are high. According to KDHS 2013/2014, 26% of children under-five years are stunted while the proportion of severely stunted is 8%. 4% of children are wasted and 1% is severely wasted whereas 11% of children are underweight and 2 % are severely underweight. UNICEF Kenya, 2017 report indicates that micronutrient deficiencies (iron, vitamin A, Zinc and iodine) are widespread, with re-emerging rise in rickets. In addition 2.7 million people and1.1million children are food insecure.

The effects of malnutrition in the growth and development in our community are irreversible hence some of our beneficiaries may never realize their full life potential. Thus, as Agape Child Support Organization, we have reached out to them by:

Providing nutritional food supplements to them.

Giving out health tips and providing appropriate health guidelines


  1. To ensure appropriate growth for all our beneficiaries
  2. To ensure that all children diagnosed with malnutrition receive appropriate nutritional interventions i. e food supplements and treatment.